I have industry experience in Design, Research and Development and hold two degrees. My initial degree is a BA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. There, I learned the foundations of visual communication and story telling. While at Temple, I completed a concentration in New Media, which is when I began to explore interaction design and information architecture. This blend gave me a strong foundation for creating compelling, unified experiences across multiple media. I spent a year teaching in both the New Media and Journalism departments, before I headed to Scotland, to study at The University of Edinburgh. I earned my MSc with distinction in Design and Digital Media. I also ate haggis pizza. My graduate study is where I developed the tools to merge my love for story telling with my fascination for all things geek.

I have a wide range of skills and have been asked to wear many hats. I’ve had the opportunity to work in Video production, Graphic Design, User Research, Web Development, Product Strategy, and Project Management. This blend of experience has given me a unique perspective on design and the user/designer relationship.

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